First to arrive and last to leave, Markham will manage every detail, check every light and test every mic. We are the fixers, doers, and planners who expect the unexpected, demand perfection, and sweat the small stuff, so you don’t have to.

Production Management

The Markham Group is one of the premier production and event management companies in the nation.

Existing Vendor Network

We have an established vendor network that spans all fifty U.S. states and five continents including North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Venue Construction & Site Management

Our team of highly-experienced event managers, production staff and advance aces will be your boots-on-the-ground to execute advance visits to each venue and identify and deconflict any logistical hurdles, oversee all audio-visual production, manage vendors, run registration, and ensure a smooth and flawless execution from top to bottom.


The Markham Group has extensive experience executing ambitious schedules while delivering consistently high-quality products and remaining nimble enough to absorb and execute last minute program changes.


We work with you to identify, design and implement an intelligent, fully integrated registration platform or use your existing proprietary system through which we will distribute guest invitations, capture RSVPs, and stay in touch with your guests before and after each event.

Crowd Building & Logistics

Whether it is a 10-person round table discussion, press conference, or 50,000-person rally, the Markham Group’s team of logistics experts is up to the challenge of bringing your audience together.

Advance Visits

We provide pre-advance support by visiting the event location and planning event logistics to maximize event impact.


For years, Markham has worked with both governmental and private security for our clients both inside and out of the United States. From crowd control to emergency evacuation routes, to executive protection, we understand what it takes to create and maintain a comprehensive security plan.


The needs of high-touch individuals and their teams can quickly inundate your internal team. We can absorb the unique demands and needs of this important but also high-touch group of attendees while balancing their needs against yours, allowing you to stay focused.

Press Logistics

Our expert team of highly experienced press liaisons acts as an extension of your communications team and be on site to help manage press registration, logistics and production needs from audio/visual technicalities to filing workspace, making sure your event is captured beautifully and intentionally.