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accountability, innovation, results

Whether you’re tackling an issue, running a campaign or planning an event, we’ve got you covered.


public affairs

We understand the issues and their impact. We know the decision makers and how to navigate the ever-changing political and public policy landscape with purpose.

issue advocacy

From municipal ballot issues to campaigns for national foundations we build real relationships with key stakeholders and generate action among those supporters in the field.


We think through all the details for you from communicating your message on camera to managing the show and speakers.



We aim to give your issue impact. Let our team of event architects create your next world-class event.

site selection

From initial selection to press set-up to event flow, we make sure your site is compatible and runs smoothly for your event and guests.


We have decades of experience producing events for corporate, nonprofit, political and issue advocacy clients around the world.

program development

We work to attract and engage your attendees’ interest by mapping out an event that best suits the interests of your connected and informed audience.


We’ll work with your team to enhance your brand by developing the graphic identity of your event.

vip management

We have an expert advance team that can handle all your needs. We facilitate high-level conferences and fly-ins and implement large scale organizational rollouts.

travel logistics

We plan out all trip logistics and flow making sure there are no details you have to worry about.

registration & ticketing

We offer full ticketing and on-site registration support.

brands & clients


public affairs

We’re driven to get results.

We understand the issues and their impact, we know the decision makers and we’re ready to help you navigate the ever-changing political and public policy landscape with purpose.

government affairs

We work to develop relations with those in the Capitol and work on the ground to get constituents to push your issue to their elected officials.

strategic communications

We carefully communicate your campaign’s concept so it has long-term traction and helps you develop key relationships and sways policy.

brand advocacy

Your target audience and stakeholders will develop a strong relationship with your issue through our  development of messaging and branding.

our latest projects

issue advocacy

Want to build a team of grassroots activists? Need to mobilize your supporters? No problem. Whether you’re passing a municipal ballot issue or launching a campaign for a national foundation, we’re here to help your team build meaningful relationships with your stakeholders. It’s time for action.

policy research

We take time to do the background work for you. We thoroughly research all areas so we know all angles of your issue.

polling & analysis

By polling your target audience we work to best identify the message you need to move and reach your audience saving you time and money as you work to accomplish your objectives.

modeling & analytics

We use thousands of data points ranging from demographics to vote history and consumer data to refine the best target universes. Whether your issue is focused on potential consumers, targeted persuadable voters or groups already in your corner we will create a model that will mobilize your audience.

earned media

We make sure your issue gets noticed. We have an in-house communication team that can manage your press outreach and schedule media interviews. We make sure your issue gains press traction with innovative events and targeted collateral.

message development

We outline your message into buckets based on your target audience and then poll-test the messages so we can identify which work best to motivate your supporters.

tele-town halls

From planning call logistics to scripting call hosts and professionally moderating, we make sure all steps are covered to maximize call impact. We engage your target audience so they can participate in real time with your issue.

direct mail

We deliver your message directly to your target audience’s front door and personalize each piece through variable data. Each piece we create builds off the other and motivates action.

digital strategy

Website, social and everything we do digitally ties back to on the ground outreach and collateral. We believe on the ground activism should seamlessly integrate with digital activism.

brand development

We take you from start to finish. Our creative and communications team collaborate to bring your message to life. From a unique collateral piece to grab the attention of your supporters or a full brand strategy with a unique logo we are with you every step of the way.


To gauge your audience awareness and support of your issue we develop surveys and analyze them in-house to tweak messaging or recommend next steps in your campaign.

advocacy & patch calls

We remind your audience of campaign messaging, upcoming events or election day through in-house, targeted reminder direct calls.

our team

Members of our firm are guided by a can-do spirit, a commitment to our clients and a hunger for success. We have the political expertise, the relationships and the work ethic to make things happen for our clients.


meet our team

Washington, DC

1711 Connecticut Ave NW, Suite 204
Washington, DC 20009

p 202-265-4710

Monday – Friday
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Little Rock, AR

1000 W 3rd St
Little Rock, AR 72201

p 501-374-6000
f 501-374-6005

Monday – Friday
8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST

  • We have a joke around the office. ‘In Markham we trust,’ but it’s not really a joke. When it comes to these things, there really is no problem they can’t solve.
    Ross CohnSenior Director, Hiring Our Heroes
  • I am so proud of the young men I called on in the '92 & '96 Arkansas Presidential Campaigns when I needed their help. And so proud that today they are so successful with the Markham Group! Thanks Robert and Greg. You are the greatest!
    Mary Anne Salmon
  • These guys and gals are legit!
    Daniel GrayJacksonville/North Pulaski School District
  • For an adrenalin junkie, it was a great experience and you all made it enjoyable.
    Joe DempseyPine Bluff, Arkansas
  • The Markham Group took a complex healthcare issue and developed messaging that resonated with our target audience and generated action.
    Mark LowmanVP of Strategic Development, Baptist Health
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